You cannot travel the world without seeing the injustices. The women who are sold into sex slavery, the crippled who live on the streets, people persecuted for the faith, the devastation of natural disasters, the impoverished, the hungry, and the sick. As much beauty as there is in the world, there is pain. But fortunately there are people who have seen this pain and taken action. People who have donated medical equipment to African hospitals, schools that have been started to educate the impoverished youth, responders that are on call when disaster strikes, activists who fight for rights of others, and normal people who give any little bit that they can to help someone less fortunate than them. My job is to tell these stories, bring these people to the light, and reveal their conditions so that others may choose to act. As much as I love to see the beautiful places of the world, it is equally important donate my services to organizations that are making a real impact in the world.

  • Aldona Tomiczek

    on April 2, 2017

    I would like to congratulate you on your achievement as photographer. Your pictures are particular in their style, and it's visible how your respect and love towards people earn their trust to your lenses. I wish you a lot of happy journeys!